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PHP is easy to learn,make concetrate and practice regular

At first,you need your a local server and a good editor to work with php

If you are in windows,you can use xampp

click here to download xampp

Install xampp and open it

start apache and mysql

you can use many ide or editor for php,as you are beginner you can use notepad++

click here to download notepad++

Now,i am going to tell you about localhost server,where you are going to save your php file

Default location is htdocs folder,here you store your file to run

Open you notepad++ application,take a new file

copy this code

echo "my first php program";

save it in htdocs folder with name first.php

here, php is your php file extension

Now go to a browser and give url http://localhost/first.php

if you see my first php program,congratulation you succesfully run your first php program

PHP code starts with


and ends with


Inside this you have to write your php code


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