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For loop is very popular and most used loop

Difference between other loop and for loop is about declaration and increment style

Lets look an example

for ($x = 0; $x < 5; $x++) {
echo $x;



Here,we see that $x=0 is iniialization part,here we assign the start of variable by which for loop is going to work

Then we divide 3 parts of loop,initialization,condition check,increment/decement part by ;

In the second part of for loop,we use condition,here we want to work this for loop up to less than 5,means 4

And in the third part,we use increment,where it x value increment by 1 as $x++ means add 1 with previous value of $x

Then in the body part of for loop,which start with { and end with }

Inside this the work for each interation is going to work

Here,we only show the value of x,so we can see the increment of x value here

So,in the body part you can use the code which you want to repeat many times can do with for loop


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