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PHP means hypertext preprocessor

PHP is used to make dynamic website

you know html,css,now you can learn php

Sometimes you don't need to learn html,css,if you have idea about html,css,that's enough

You are in a step to be backend web developer

With php you can make web application like student management system

Before learning php,i think you should learn some architecture of web,thats helps you to be better web developer.

PHP is a programming language

PHP is powerful

PHP can work with database,you can manipulate database and make database application

PHP is easy to learn,dont think its complex

Its fun and enjoyful to learn and work with php

PHP is very much popular web programming language

Wordpress is made of php,you need to know php to work with wordpres

There are many framework of php like laravel is one of them,you need to know raw php before work in laravel


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