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To work with html you need some tools,but you don't need any prerequisite.

U can use your pc,mobile phone or tablet computer to learn html

start with a updated web browser,you can use mozila firefox,chorome or safari

start with a editor or IDE like notepad++,sublime text or vs code

Open a new file and copy this code,no need to type now

<p>My first html output</p>

And save it as test.html

Find the file named test.html and open with your browser.See what it shows.

If you see

My first html output

Congratulation you are done with your first html code

Now to time to advanced.

The code you write need to know whats that.

To stat html language you have to start with


And end with


this means what inside in your browser and end it with


So you see that evertime what you start need to end,most of the html code like this

What about this?

<p>My first html output</p>

You see this is having content what you seen in your browser

This is used for showing text and it called paragraph,so if you need to show some text you can use this

Now you can change text

<p>My first html output</p>

inside this,you can replace My first html output by bla bla and its going to show bla bla

Quiet easy.Now you know how to show text in browser using html

Congratulation,you are are aheading


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