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Html having some syntax which have a meaning to html

Html element is like a block which is used to do something with html like showing a text

Html element consist of some tags and attribute

Tag is the start of any code block of html

<p>Learing html is easy</p>

Here we use


tag to show a paragraph or text in html and end with


Start tag and end tag should be same,like here start with p and end with p

Every tag has start tag and end tag except some tag like


Html tag is not case sensitive,we can use upper case or lower case,but recommended is lower case

what is case sensitive?

Html tag can be nested,that means there can be tags inside a tag without ending tag

<p>My first html output</p>

Here inside


there tag of body and p tag also,but you need to complete with end tag

which tag having end tag,this kind of tag having value of tag like

<p>My first html output</p>

here start of p tag and ending of p tag,it having value of it My first html output

Attribue is called option for the tag

Tag having some extended functionality which can be used or sometimes necessaray to use

<p title="its a text">My first html output</p>

here you see,new things added to p tag,which is inside p tag and it is title,which having value its a text

Here we added extra functionality to p tag,which is when you keep your cursor on the text,it shows its a text

Attribue of a tag inside start tag or tag and which are fixed,that means we can not write as our own like titles instead of title

Attribue need to give = sign to assign its value and need to use double quation "" or single quation and inside it having value of attribue


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