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You can make design text by css and you see that in many websites having many different style text

You can do it by using css

Lets look an example

<p style = "text-decoration:underline;"> This is a text </p>


This is a text

Here we used text-decoration property and we use underline value for it,there are different kind of value for it like line-through,overline.

use them and check the style

Sometimes we see different kind of text shadow style in text,css having these property

p { text-shadow: 2px 1px; }


This is a text

Here,in text property first value is for horizental value and second one is for vertical value

You can use custom shadow color

p { text-shadow: 2px 1px red; }


This is a text

You see that color of the shadow is changed to red.

So for changing color of the shadow use the color value after horizental and vertical value


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